Bmw 328i f30 performance upgrades

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BMW F30 328i Speaker & Subwoofer Upgrade — The Complete Guide (320i, 335i, ...)

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BMW 3 Series Parts

BMW 7 Series. BMW 8 Series. BMW Classics. BMW X Series. BMW Z Series. BMW i Series. Each staged Package is tuned in-house, bringing together expertise from our street tuning division, service shop, and race team. Nearly all of our Packages feature custom-tuned performance software from the best names in the business. The software is the best feature in our kits, maximizing power gains while doing nothing to affect engine reliability or driveability.

In most cases, Stages are upgradeable - you can jump from one stage to another by purchasing the new parts and revised software contact us directly about buying parts outside of the Stage. Or jump right into a higher stage by purchasing the complete kit. We'll work with you to select the appropriate parts and a matching software tune. Nearly all of our Packages have been tested and tuned on our in-house Dynapack Chassis Dyno. Our packages are designed for US-spec models only. Sort By:.

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Please try again, or Reset Your Password. Email Password Password must be at least 8 characters. Passphrase Zip Code. Shipping 6 Days a Week. Burger Motorsports Dinan Borla. BMW F30 i N20 2. ES : Mfg : Qty: Choose how many gift cards you would like below. Availability: In Stock. Free Shipping. Mfg : D Mfg : DST1. Mfg : DST3. Mfg : DST4. Turner Motorsport N20 Performance Software Simply the best N20 performance software available - tuned for stock or modified cars.

Adds serious power and torque with superior driveability.However, with so much to know, it can feel overwhelming for a newcomer to the modding scene.

Of course, with all those numbers like offset, width, tire width to keep track of when ordering a set of wheels, it can feel overwhelming to get the fitment you want.

No worries — our Mod Experts are here to help you out with guidance and advice to help you confidently make a well-informed buying decision or chat live at ModBargains.

BMW F30 328i N20 - Exhaust Clips (Catless Downpipe, M Performance Exhaust, Resonator Delete)

One of the all new and affordable options for the F30 is the Sportline 8S. The bold lines of the Vs give the F30 i a much needed dose of aggression to take it out of Snoozeville and into Funtodrivetown.

Avant Garde Wheels offer some really unique options if something really specific is more your style. Which brings us to our next mod. There are two primary ways to lower your F30 suspension — springs, or coilovers. Since both springs and coilovers cost the same amount of money to install because they take the same amount of laboryou have a decision to make.

Best Bolt On Mods for BMW F30 328i/428i – N20/N26 Engines Part II – Downpipes & Exhaust

If you want to get that really low look, or want to have control over how much lower you are, then coilovers are the way to go. Coilovers allow you a range of adjustment for ride height, giving you control over exactly how low you are, and some coilovers feature adjustable shock absorbers, so you can tailor how the car rides and handles to your specific tastes as well.

The SoloWerks S1 Coilover kit for the F30 is as no-nonsense as it gets, you get a sporty spring paired beautifully with a high quality damper, and you can adjust the height. Please keep in mind that these are intended for street use and the dampers are tuned as such. Not sure what suspension option might be the best choice for you?

You can always ask the Mod Experts for their input and advice — give em a call at or chat live at ModBargains. Your exhaust makes up a huge part of the character of the rear of your car, but also changes the sound and performance of your car. This system will give the 3 a much better sound, drawing the best tone possible out of the turbo four under the hood while sexing up the bland i rear end with a set of gorgeous quad tips.

Not to mention, the AWE Tuning systems make power. These AWE Tuning systems look and sound great, and like Remus, delivers dyno proven horsepower and torque gains and outstanding tone. Injen Technology has long been a player in the F30 Intake System market, and their Short Ram tuned Air Intake for the i streamlines airflow for enhanced power and throttle response and features a heat shield to help isolate the inlet from hot underhood air, further enhancing power.

Offering a great pricepoint at the expense of extras like a heat shield, this BMS intake is a great choice for power for the enthusiast on a budget. One of our favorite options is this intake system from Injen Technology. Beyond the great sound, the tuned intake yields 22whp and 9wtq at rpm, the one of the biggest horsepower gains of any N20 intake system on the market. A larger intercooler prevents this from happening by keeping the air charge temperatures low and within a few degrees of ambient air, whereas just a few full-throttle pulls on a warm day can overwhelm the stock intercooler.

With more performance mods or a tune, the intercooler holds you back more until you upgrade — the larger intercooler allows you to run more aggressive timing and boost, and the lower air charge temperatures prevent horsepower loss that would occur with the OEM unit. For everyone else in the 49 other states and internationally, read on. There are more tuning options available and more will certainly hit the market with time, and eventually, there will be some CA-legal tuning options out there for you Cali guys.

Another simple way to clean up the car is by getting rid of those ugly amber front reflectors. Hate your front plate but legally have to display it?In this article, you will get ideas that will allow you to transform your BMW look and performance. Mods listed here apply to BMW models such as i, i, i, i. Many of these upgrades are easy and cheap mods for 3-series. All these parts can be purchased online. They are unpainted so that you can color match it with your vehicles OEM paint.

The fenders are made of steel and will fit with basic models as well as can be installed with no modification required. With these fenders, you will need no wheel spacing modification needed. It is made from a long lasting Polypropylene and is able of retaining its shape than the common Polyurethane components. It also Comes unpainted so that you can color match it to your vehicles OEM paint.

They are made of carbon fiber and abs thus durable. You can choose from the variety of colors provided to match the color of your BMW. Chaning the grill on a BMW is relatively easy.

Look up our guide on how to change BMW front grill. They are exceptional since they are made from the carbon fiber material. They are of ultra-lightweight and extremely durable. In addition, they have a clear gel-coated finishing that adds the aggressive look. They are of super lightweight, and above all, they are easy to install. They are UV-protective clear coated hence resistant to fades and rushes. These bumpers are made from durable polypropylene which enables them to retain its shape better when compared to polyurethane components.

They also come unpainted so that you can color match it to your vehicles OEM paint. They are impact resistant and flexible as they are of high tensile strength.

bmw 328i f30 performance upgrades

Upgrade your vehicle with this one of a kind ceramic shifter unit. The chrome bezel is resistant to scratches because it is made of solid metal. The shifter handle is covered in Nappa leather hence comfortable.

Apart from their sleek look, they are durable. These LED brake light bulbs are a great upgrade for your ride as they give you a much brighter output. In addition, they have a degree shine to ensure that drivers behind you will be on the alert when you brake.

The bulbs are very easy to install, and all you have to do is just plug them in the socket. The material they are made from is the carbon fiber hence durable and of high quality. They are vacuum infused and have gel-coat finish whereby you can still paint it to other colors. After installing this product, you should not wash your car for 24hrs.

The mats are waterproof and stain-resistant. The quality of the mats prevents them from mud, snow, or grease from dirtying the car interior.You drive a BMW F30 i or different engine. Fantastic choice. But if you're interested in other retrofits for your specific vehicle, check out our post on a full list of upgrades for BMW 3-Series F The easiest way is to locate your VIN Vehicle Identification Number and enter it here to find your audio option below.

Base is the lowest-level sound system for BMWs. In Canada and the US, this option is unavailable for F30s and is replaced by the Hi-Fi system as the basic audio setup. Speakers: Alpha One Speakers 4x midrange, 2x tweeter, 2x underseat woofer. The Hi-Fi option is a step above the base system; it introduces a 6 channel amplifier and a speaker upgrade.

Two tweeters are added, as well as a midrange in the center channel front deck. Speakers: Alpha One Speakers 5x midrange, 2x tweeter, 2x underseat subwoofer. It contains even more speakers, which are an improvement over Hi-Fi. The Amplifier has 10 channels and is connected to the head unit with a fiber optic cable.

Speakers: Alpha One Speakers 7x midrange, 7x tweeter, 2x underseat woofer. Read more here for a thorough explanation of all the BMW audio options. However, here you may read more about BMW sound system upgrade anytime. Find out why DSP is so essential to great sound in your car.

Installation is simple and quick. If you have the base system the whole process will be longer as you will be adding an amplifier rather than replacing the stock BMW one.

Replaces the stock BMW speakers to give you more clarity, power, and bass out of your speakers. Simply put - your music will sound awesome. If you have the base audio option, BimmerTech will also add two tweeters to your setup, in addition to replacing your other speakers.

Changing the underseat woofers will take hours, while the whole setup can take up to Although the speakers were designed with easy installation in mind, you can simply visit one of our installers to save you the trouble. BimmerTech makes it simple to choose the right audio upgrade for your exact model.

All you need to do is visit our sound system upgrade page and enter your VIN or F30 model and sound setup. However if you still need.When it comes to downpipes, you have a choice to make: Catted, or De-Catted. How much the smell bothers you and your passengers is a key factor to consider before making your decision.

Catalytic converters, even low-density sports cats, are expensive for a reason. These downpipes are available in standard finish as well as a black ceramic high heat coating for a stealthy look. Remus put together this video that shows it off better than a photo can. This design reduces backpressure and offers OEM-level, perfect fitment for a straightforward bolt-in installation. When you go to Baskin Robbins, the server cannot decide what your favorite flavor ice cream is for you, much like you and I might have different tastes in music.

The exhaust note is on the more aggressive side, but take a listen to the Youtube video and decide for yourself whether the sound is right to your ears. No dyno sheets available as of press time, but you have to imagine in cat-back configuration, gains will probably be similar to other N20 catbacks.When it comes to performance potential, most people tend to forget about the i, i and i, since these are the less popular siblings of the mighty E90 and E92 i.

If you have an E90, you could have as little as hp at your disposal from the factory. Be sure to check local and federal regulations for your area. Check out how the power is increased across the entire rev band. The Dinan Ram Air Intake for E9X i is a bit different in that it requires you to modify the factory airbox to convert it into a proper performance part.

Top 12 BMW F30 Upgrades, DIY Aftermarket Modifications

Notice that outlet on the bottom? The port on the bottom of the airbox is now fed from this metal box located behind the foglight grille, a-la-E9X-M3.

Speaking of things that look at home under the hood, another option for the N52 is offered by BMW Performance. The sealed airbox features a conical type filter element in the housing, increasing surface area, allowing for greater airflow, and the rotomolded airbox with carbon fiber lid looks as good as it performs. Upgrading with a cold air intake is only half the battle for your N52 — we still need to talk about your intake.

Oh, you thought we were done there? Not yet. See, in all the non-M and non-turbo 3-series, BMW used basically the same engine with a detuned intake for lower spec models. While other lower-trim cars used a single-stage intake manifold, the came with a more advanced 3-stage manifold with electronic valves to direct air to the cylinders that need it most, which on a i or i, translates to a significant power gain.

How The Manifold Makes Power The manifold uses two electronic DISA valves Differential Air Control to direct incoming air to the cylinders that need it most by diverting air away from cylinders that have their intake valves closed. The system works based on RPM range to fill each cylinder with as much air as possible while the intake valves are open.

With more air volume and fuel adjustments you can extract more power from those cylinders at any given RPM. The standard and medium output N52 engines make do with the old-fashioned single stage system that only works to boost torque in the mid-range. We did our first development on this system in and it has been one of our top N52 performance upgrades ever since. Have questions about upgrading your intake?

bmw 328i f30 performance upgrades

Ask our team of Mod Experts — give em a call atchat live at ModBargains. So what the Sprint Booster does is alter how the throttle itself responds to the pedal, making it a more direct response, which in turn makes the car much sharper, and a hell of a lot more fun to drive.

Call us at today. The header, or exhaust manifold, is what directs exhaust gases out of the motor and into the rest of the exhaust system. The OEM header is extremely restrictive, with hard bends rather than streamlined bends and constrictive tubing with high-density catalytic converters. Ready to order? Have questions? Consult the Mod Experts at or chat live at ModBargains.

The system fits both E90 and E92 models, and can be had in dual exit for quad tips — or single exit as factory. The Remus Single Exit Exhaust for BMW i offers great sound and moderate power gain with those same great looking Remus tip options, but configured in a single exit twin tip setup, as factory for those who prefer that look. Consult a Mod Expert for more information — call or chat live at ModBargains. Yes, there are ways to go boosted, even in a i or i!

Good for a staggering whp gain, this supercharger puts you very comfortably into i territory.

bmw 328i f30 performance upgrades

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